Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fabric Fail

I had mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to make some curtain panels for our living room which has never had curtains in the entire 4 years I've lived in my home. I'm talkin' pretty important stuff here. The update I wanted to give was a super excited post entitled "Third's the Charm", meaning we had chosen option #3.

Braemore Tribal Find Ikat Chevron Aquamarine

There was a fantastic 30% Off promotion going on for Valentines Day, which was right about the time we wanted to buy it. It would have been about $160 for 12 yards and free shipping. I figured I'd spend about $120 if I found some in store that I liked, and what's $40 more for curtains that I LOVE?

Except that I forgot to buy them before the promotion ended. Whomp whomp.

They had another promotion going on that would have put the fabric at about $185 and still free shipping. It just seemed liked way too much money to spend on curtains.


It's been a couple months since the incident which has given me some time to reevaluate the plan for the living room. I can't disclose the full plan yet, but I will fill you in on the upcoming curtain project I have planned.

Black and White Zig Zag Pattern, source unknown

I wanted chevron. I wanted a black and white pattern in the room somewhere. I couldn't find black and white chevron curtains ready to hang but then I saw this tutorial on Pinterest. I know this works because we had already painted an aisle runner for our wedding.

Photo by Oijoy Photography

Gorgeous, right?! So that's the new plan. Find light blocking white curtains, paint them black striped.

Have you ever tried painting fabric? What was the outcome? Any tips to share?

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