Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's Curtains For You

Or at least we hope. Can we end this curtain search once and for all!? We, yes husband came with, have visited at least 8-10 stores on line and 3 in person and still have not found a fabric we can live with. All we want is an ikat print in teal, green, blue, with a white - not cream - background, and a hint of burnt orange or red. Is that too much to ask for? Are we being too picky?

Okay, so maybe we are. Like I mention in this post about our top 20 home interior projects, I've never had curtains in the living room. We really do need them now. Not even for privacy (although it couldn't hurt to be able to pull some drapes over the window every once in a while), but because it will soften the overall look of the room and bring the tall ceilings in a little bit. We need them for the homey cozy factor. 

When we originally started to piece together our vision for the living room, we planned on it being teal, blue and green. Colors we both love. Then somehow, even though I've never liked it before, I fell in love with red. Maybe it has something to do with this gorgeous room from Our Fifth House:

Our Fifth House

Then we found this awesome print in the Old Town neighborhood of San Diego while on our Honeymoon.

We knew it wouldn't go perfectly with our vision for a teal-ish living room potentially with red accents, but it was our favorite of the bunch and it still had some of the accent colors we were looking for. So now we're on the hunt for curtains that will go with that print and bring in all of the colors and style we love.

Since I'm not quite talented enough to design my own fabric, nor do we have the money for the 10-12 yards of this custom fabric that I'd need to sew them, we know we'll have to settle. So far we have 3 front runners.

Option #1: Crazy Zig Zags with Pink!

Waverly Panama Wave Desert Flower from

We like this option because it goes with our Honeymoon find the best. I'm just not sure if it might be a little too much to have on 4 windows in our main living area. There's a flowered pattern in this same color scheme but husband says it's too feminine.

Option #2: Too Tuscan?

Waverly Mayan Medallion Adobe from

We like this option because it has a lot of the color we like in it. Husband would probably be fine with it, but I think it may be a little too Tuscan and could complete with our Honeymoon print and the black and white rug we'll someday purchase.

Option #3: Keepin' It Classy

Braemore Tribal Find Ikat Chevron Aquamarine

This option is probably the safest. If we ever decide to change our accent color, we wouldn't need to change our curtains. It's also the fabric seen in the mood board for this room. So, I know it would still mesh well with our Honeymoon print. It's also about $15 cheaper for 12 yards than the other fabrics. (Every dollar counts!)

I guess the real dilemma here is whether we're committing to having our Honeymoon print featured in this room or if we'd rather showcase it somewhere else. What would you do?

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