Monday, May 13, 2013

Shaking the Shag

Something really exciting happened last month. Husband and I actually agreed on something interior decor related. I know, I can't believe it either. One Friday afternoon (because once a month we both work Saturday so we're off Friday), I got an email from Joss and Main that they had a rug sale going on. I'd been looking at rugs for over a month and couldn't decide on one. This time I thought maybe Husband could help me narrow it down.

We scrolled through the page saying 'yay' or 'nay' to each rug we saw. In the end there was only one rug we both liked. And we both really liked it. Funny thing was that I'd looked at that rug before on Overstock. I wanted to make sure we were getting the best price so I went back to Overstock to see if we could get it cheaper there. Sure enough! $32 cheaper, plus free shipping, and I used a $10 coupon code. We ordered it Sunday afternoon (Husband didn't trust that I had finally made up my mind, so we thought about it for a couple days.) and received it Thursday afternoon. 

I didn't wait for Husband to get home from work. I took apart our sectional, move tons of furniture, dragged the 37 pound roll into the house and laid it down. It. Is. Awesome! I can't believe how much different the space looks. 

I was hating the paint color because it was a little too yellow. Somehow the cool tones reflect onto the walls and it looks way less yellow to me. I think especially once we get curtains up and new art on the walls it will look even more balanced color-wise. Time will tell.

I also feel like the room just looks so much more grown up. The little 5x7' black shag rug we had before screamed "We had just enough cash to get this basic rug from Ikea". Now the room feels more intentionally planned and designed. 

It kind of solidifies the plan we have for our space. A mix of retro, rustic, mid-century, and contemporary. I can now visualize how the rest of the room will come together. Honestly, my mind is now reeling with ideas that I can't wait to share!

The rug matches pretty well with everything we currently have going on in the room, but there are plenty of things that aren't up to par with the new piece. We need:
  • new art above the couch
  • new pillows with more updated patterns (I just dragged a few old ones out of storage for this shoot.)
  • new lamps
  • a coffee table update
  • curtains
  • TV console touch ups
  • a new light above the chaise part of the couch
  • frame and hang the art we have for above the TV 
Husband is probably cringing reading this to-do list right now. Sorry! Love you! How about for now we just take another look at the pretty rug...