Friday, March 15, 2013

A Brief Intermission

I know I promised a finished guestroom post today. I had every intention of finishing up the room last night, taking some nice pictures this morning in the daylight and getting it up for all to see. I had the comforter and sheets already washed, I had a title picked out, I even picked up my sister's fancy pants camera while she was over at my mom's making a birthday cake for her boyfriend.

Big mistake.

I somehow failed to realize that a certain precious niece would be there at my mom's. Please tell me that this little one wouldn't distract you. I dare you.

I also realized that as much as I want to finish the guestroom without spending any money, that just won't be possible. I'll need to get a couple lamps and side tables. I'll need to get trim for a piece of art work. The piano bench needs recovering. All of these things take money and shopping time. Sounds like something for a Saturday afternoon!

Fortunately, since I knew I wasn't going to get the guestroom wasn't going to get finished, I went to Target on my way home and picked out curtains options for the living room. More on that next week. And hopefully the final installment of the guestroom saga. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Let's Talk Layout

I'm gonna cut right to the chase here. Room #2's layout stinks. We honestly didn't even try. It used to be my music room and everything fit just fine. In fact I had a cute love seat in there and everything. Then my parents gave me a full size bed to turn it into a guest room. I got rid of the love seat and replaced it with the bed. Everything still fit fine. Then Husband moved in, we had two showers and a wedding, and we never bothered to do anything with Room #2. So here's what it looks like now:

Pretty terrible huh? The good news is that most of the item that are cluttering up the room can be moved out. Husband has a recording studio in the basement (He's just that cool.) so at least the keyboard will end up down there. The piano may end up down there someday too. The extra furniture will get Craigslisted, and the extra wedding stuff will get put away, donated, or thrown out. For now We'll be dealing with the bed, dresser, and piano. I'll add in a lamp and a night stand too. Like this:

Ah. Much better! It may still be a little tight between the bed and dresser, but the room makes much more sense this way. There will actually be room for two nightstands each with a lamp. There's also room for a floor lamp near the dresser and piano. Right now, there's only the ceiling light and an unreachable floor lamp that's not even plugged in. This room will be much cozier for guests. Husband should have an easier time getting dressed too now that his dresser is next to the closet. 

Friday I'll share the final "after" shots with the new room layout and some styling. For now, here's a preview off the new layout. And in case you missed it, check out the before here.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Identity Crisis

The room that we're going to call Room #2 for now is suffering from an identity crisis. I know because I'm suffering from one myself. I got married a couple months ago and having been going through the name changing process. So I'm still Megan Zegers, but I'm also Megan Lopez. It's complicated and confusing. So I know how room #2 must feel being not 2, but 4 things all at once.

Right now Room #2 is...
  • A guest room
  • Husband's dressing room
  • Extra storage for paper products, furniture, and miscellaneous wedding related items
  • My former music room (because I thought I'd learn to play piano and write songs. Ha!)

It's like HGTV - how they purposely make the rooms look as bad as possible. Ha!

All Room #2 needs to be is...

  • A guest room
  • Husband's dressing room
  • Extra storage for paper products, furniture, and miscellaneous wedding related items
  • My former music room

Okay, so that's still a lot of function for one small space. The way I'm going to get around this is to disguise the room as a guest room. No one even has to know that it's extra storage or my husband's dressing room. Except that I just told entire Internet world about my plan. Oh well, it's still gonna look nice.

Now since we're not sure when we'll be selling the house we don't want to spend much, if any, money on this room. It just needs to look neat and be functional. For function I'll adjust the layout. For neatness, I'll do some styling. This project will be a one week three-peater. In other words. I'll have this project done in one week and there will be three posts on it. I know, three posts in one week! Try to contain your excitement! Next up we'll talk layout.

At least one of us likes the room as is!