Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fall Recap

It has been and extremely busy fall season. And that may even be an understatement. Most of October was spent with friends and family doing all things "October".

The first Sunday of October each year, my family heads to Southwestern Michigan to hit a few great pumpkin patches.

It's really fun not that my niece is old enough to enjoy these thing now!

The next weekend I headed down to Springfield, IL to go wedding dress shopping with my friend Nikki who's getting married next September. I wouldn't dare post any photos, and she hasn't decided on anything, but everything looked good on her! 

The next day, I hit up the Chicago Marathon to cheer on some friends who were running. I'm running it next year. Final answer. 

Not even close to a true depiction of how stunning this path really is...

The following weekend, we went up to Saugatuck, MI with my family. My parents decided to rent a 3 bedroom cabin so we could all go. We hung out and chatted Friday night, Saturday morning Husband and I went for a long run on the Kal-Haven Trail (a gorgeous, perfect run!), got breakfast with the whole fam, shopped downtown Holland, and cuddled with the niece and watched Nightmare Before Christmas.

Someday, I'm stealing this kid!

We were actually watching her because her parents (my sister and her boyfriend/niece's dad) were off at the lighthouse in South Haven getting engaged! They'll be getting married next October. I've never stood up in a wedding and next year I'll have two within 30 days! I'm excited! (Because I haven't had to spend any money yet... ha!)

Soon after came Halloween. My mom, sister and niece came over for Trick or Treating and brought some Panera soup with. Yum! My sister (and niece of course) live in an apartment building and my mom lives on a random street that's not really in a neighborhood so they get no trick or treaters. Last year she had two. And one of those she chased down and forced to take the candy. We had around 285 kids and ran out of candy by the end of the night! Sometimes I really love my neighborhood.

Early November was nearly as exciting as October due to an event I helped out with at our church. I was going to include a tidbit about Intersections in this post, but when I looked back at all the pictures, I decided it needed it's own post. That will be soon to come, but in case you can't hardly wait, here's a sneak peak:

How was your fall season? Anyone else feel like fall gets busier every year?