Friday, May 3, 2013

Painting the Dino Gold, I'm Painting the Dino Gold!

Never fails. This song always goes through my head when I'm painting something an unnatural color. Totally off topic - but how do they splash paint everywhere and it doesn't stick to them? I mean, it basically just gets on the white flowers and the ground. I want whatever magic tape they're using!

Anyway, my most recent unnatural colored painting project was this cute ferocious little dino.

I found him randomly tossed in The Dollar Spot at Target. He was hanging out with another one of his dino buddies in a bin of teeny flower pots. I'm not even sure that he originally even belonged in The Dollar Spot. I decided he needed to be adopted... and painted gold. (Yes, I left his friend. Our home just wasn't right for him.)

Once the weather finally got above 40 degrees (end of April, no joke), I took him outside for a quick spray painting with Rustoleum's Metallic Gold spray paint. (Out of all the paints at the store, this one looked like it'd have the shiniest finish.) I sprayed his top sides, then came back to him about a half hour later to get his belly and feet.

So for about $5 and 5 minutes of my time, I've got this awesome gold dinosaur that satisfies my cravings for all the brass animals I've been dying for lately.

I love that he's a little touch of gold - which I like, and a little touch of "boy" - which I'm sure Husband likes, though he mostly just thinks I'm weird for spray painting a $1 toy gold.

I'm not sure where' he's going to go yet. The office?

The living room?

What do you think?

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