Monday, January 28, 2013

Living Room Inspiration

After the whirlwind of our wedding and honeymoon, we were excited to relax a little and get back to normal life. Instead, we bought and assembled a couch. Truth be told, I'm glad we did it. The house is already feeling a little less like mine and more ours. It's amazing how much a new couch can change up your routine. Now, when I get home from work, I sprawl out in my corner of the couch and read or catch up on TV. When husband gets home from work he's lounging in his corner watching a movie. When we had just the three-seater sofa and two small arm chairs, we were always fighting over who got the good seat and who got to put their feet up. No one ever sat in the arm chairs unless we had company. It looked nice, and functioned well enough for a single girl, but for a married couple, it was a complete waste of space.

Since the living room is our main living area, and especially now that we have a new couch, the living room is our top redecorating priority. I mentioned before that husband and I have very different decorating styles. He understands that decorating is my thing, and is giving me a little more leeway when it comes to making design decisions. Still, it's my responsibility to give him the warm, comfortable, collected look that he loves. With that in mind, I/we have collected several pictures of inspiration rooms.

Extreme Home Makeover
We both love this living room from Extreme Home Makeover. There's such a sense of 'home' here. The colors are fresh and inviting, the contrast of light and dark is spot on, and the couch looks super comfy.

La Dolce Vita, Originally from Lonny
What drew us to this room was the wall color. It was a warm neutral without being grey, beige, brown, yellow, or pink. Our wall color is fairly similar. We also like the collected feel the the artwork creates. We'd rather see this with a different accent color, maybe teal or green instead of pink.

Found on Houzz
This room is one of my personal favorites. Husband says he's okay with it. I love the black and white rug mixed with so many other colors and textures. It looks rich. I also LOVE the brass and glass table. I'm currently trying to convince husband to let me have one in our living room.

Found at Small Shop, Originally Martine Chaisson for Lonny
It really surprised me when husband said he like this room. I thought it was going to be too neutral for his tastes. But he liked the couch (apparently a good couch is important to him?) and the dark wood floors, with the crisp white mouldings. We both liked the wall color and I obviously loved the chandelier.

Young House Love
When we first found our couch at ikea, we did some Googling to see what it would look like in a room in the color we liked. We stumbled upon Young House Love and I've been hooked ever since. Seriously, John and Sherry are amazing. If you haven't checked out their blog, you need to. Anyways, we both loved this room when we saw it. We're trying to warm up the house a bit so we didn't want grey walls, but we loved the couch (duh), the rug (but maybe black and white instead), the art, and the fun pops of color in the pillows and the art.

To recap, we'll be looking to put together a room that:
  • Feels homey, fresh, and inviting
  • Has warm neutral walls
  • Looks 'collected'
  • Combines lots of texture
  • Has good balance and contrast of light and dark
  • Has bright pops of color against a mostly neutral palate.
  • Feels both masculine and feminine
  • Combines white, wood, and metal (Not pictured, but it something that we both like)
I'm learning teaching myself to put together mood boards. I think the one I made is pretty awesome for my first one. Check back later this week for the finished product!

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