Thursday, January 31, 2013

Living Room Inspiration Part 2 (aka - My First Mood Board!)

As part of my living room inspiration post, I wanted to include a mood board of the pieces that are inspiring our living room. For this being my first time creating a mood board, I'd say it was a fairly successful endeavor!

1. A glam emerald chandelier: Eric Hoglund for Amsterdam Modern
2. Cozy flokati pillow: Target
3. Pretty rustic pillow with a Mexican vibe: Target
4. Fun velour and ribbon pillow: Ikea
5. World most amazing couch: Ikea
6. Sleek Mid-Century TV console: Picture from Polyvore, we'll find one locally.
7. Sadly discontinued black and white rug: Ikea
8. Nahuatl artwork we picked up in San Diego
9. Ikat chevron curtain panels:
10. Happy orange table lamp: One Kings Lane (I need to stop falling in love with discontinued items!)
11. Fantastic industrial modern coffee table: Etsy
Paint color: Behr's Sandstone Cove (Background)

Husband gives his stamp of approval and I love it too. Unfortunately, many of these pieces are discontinued, no longer for sale, unavailable, or out of our budget. We may need to DIY a few things to get the overall look we're going for. I'm looking forward the the challenge!


  1. just browsing blogs and thought I'd share a little tip for you.. If you decide to DIY your coffee table here's a link that has one similar one (we made it too! ) :) good luck! love the design.

  2. Very cool! I didn't think I could DIY our coffee table but maybe with instructions we could figure it out. Thanks for the link and for stopping by!