Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dodging the Flying Cat

I am sad and relieved. I am sad because I've decided not to pass out candy for Trick or Treating in my neighborhood. The past three years, I've decorated with spider webs, strobe lights, and played spooky music on my Pandora. Usually Bella dresses up for the occasion and stays outside until it gets busy. 
"Look mom! It's a flying cat!"
Last year, I had to make a big fuss at work to try to get off an hour early to get home in time to pass out candy. I was single, living alone, and my parents didn't get much kid traffic at their house. 

This year, things have changed. I'm engaged, I'm working a salaried position, I'm buying groceries for two, saving up for wedding bands and hair stylists, focusing on running and my eating habits, and trying to find a little balance in life. Fiance will be working, I won't be home on time and don't care to make a fuss at work about it, don't really want to spend $30-$50 on candy (I go through about 7-10 large-ish bags each year!), and I don't want any leftovers to tempt me in the house. I don't care to spend my precious free time decorating my porch, dressing up the cat, and cleaning everything up when it's all over. 

What I've decided to do is head to the rents'. My dad will be working, but Mom will be home by herself. We plan on having a little bonfire and some hot cider on her front patio. This will be their first year doing Halloween in a new house, in a new neighborhood. They live right by a school, but on a dead end street so we're anxious to see how many kids will come by. I won't have to decorate, buy candy, try to convince my boss to let me leave early, dress the cat, sit outside by myself for 2 hours, cleaning up fake spider webs, eat excess amounts of leftover chocolate, or worry about the event in general. 

Plus, I will probably get to see my cute little niece all dressed up for her first Halloween! My sister and her man live just a few minutes away from my parent's house; I know they weren't going to drive 20 minutes to show her off to me, but they will most likely drive 5 minutes to bring her to Mom's. 

All in all, best decision for me this year. What are your Halloween plans?

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