Monday, September 16, 2013

Random Collection of Thoughts

I've been absent from this page again. Oops! Consistency is obviously not a strength of mine. I have a bunch of old posts I want to share, but it seems strange to jump back in with a post about our vacation to Traverse City, Michigan, or on how we finally hung curtains, the little tweaks I've done to my office, enjoying married life as an introvert, or my recent half marathon. Hopefully those stories will all their their way here in due time.

Before I get to normal life things (normal for me I guess), I wanted to share a few things that I'm really flipping excited about.

1. My New Job! 
    I've been working as a sales rep for a remodeling company for about a year and a half, and before that I was a sales assistant for the company. I've spent two and a half years with the company and Husband can assure you, they've been rough. To make a long story short, it's the epitome of a toxic work environment.
    I'm hopeful that my new job in accounting for a large freight company will be quite different. I already know that my work day will be shorter, my pay will be a little more and more consistent since I'm not working for a bonus, my commute will cut in half from 25 minutes to 12, and I'll have benefits like PTO, vacation time, and a retirement plan. The office environment is still casual, and I'll be able to leave my work at work.

2. A New Normal
    I've been married for 9 months now, and I feel like we've settled into more of a routine lately. I love routines. Both my mom and Husband could care less about routines; I just love being in a rhythm. We're better about communicating our schedules, we're cooking certain nights, the house is staying cleaner, we're learning each other's quirks. It's nice!
  Once I start my new job, there'll be another new normal. My hours aren't changing much, but I do get a half hour paid lunch instead of an hour unpaid lunch. And I get all evenings and weekends off. I did a little bit of math and figured I'll get about 7 hours of my life outside of work back each week! I'm hoping to devote some of that time to blogging.

3. Elton John
    I lurve him. Maybe not that much. But I love his music. I can only think of one song of his that I don't like. It's weird, I know, sue me.
    Anyway, he's coming to Chicago! A few months ago, Husband said if he ever played here, we could go. I bet he thought I'd forget he said before it actually mattered. Ha! Hopefully it won't be a problem getting tickets.

And just because it feels sinful to post without including a picture... Here's my cat snuggling with me after the half marathon. She makes me happy.

What are you excited about lately?

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