Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Chosen One

We did it! We picked not only a honeymoon destination, but a vacation rental too! To recap, our requirements were:
  • Less than a 4 hour flight away
  • Warm-ish weather. 
  • Lots of fun things to do like museums, nightlife, restaurants, scenic areas.
  • Hot tub required (Seriously, we love us a good hot tub night.)
  • Some comforts of home - TV, internet, cell phones, kitchen, car.
And our top runners were:

  • Mexico
  • San Diego
  • Miami
So which did we pick? Drumroll please!
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I love San Diego, and fiance has never been there. He's actually never even been to California! SO we're excited to share a trip to a great city with tons of things to do. The weather will be fine. It's supposed to get down to about 50 at night and 65-70ish during the day. It's not warm enough to swim, but it should be pleasant. Truth be told, we were never completely comfortable with the idea of spending a week in Mexico just laying by a pool. We like to see and do things! We're really looking forward to SeaWorld, the San Diego Zoo, possibly a day at Disneyland, and a day in Tecate, Mexico. Definitely having a nice dinner in LaJolla and watching the seals at Children's Pool. So many options! So exciting!

We also decided on a vacation rental. 2 bedroom condo on a hill 1/2 mile from the beach with an ocean view on 2 sides. A private patio with BBQ, hammock, and again - ocean views. Best part? Our own hot tub on the patio! No sharing with strangers, me, my hubby, the ocean, and the stars. We. Are. So. Excited!

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