Monday, September 17, 2012

Evolution of a Blog

In the beginning, Megan created... a blog! Or two, or three, or four.... This may actually be my fifth blog. Yikes! Let's be honest, I have no follow through. But I love blogging. I've written tried to write about my personal life, weight loss and nutrition, interior design, and an upcoming half marathon I'm about to run. (I actually haven't abandoned that blog yet, but I'll probably only write one or two more posts. Once my half marathon is done, my fundraising page will be unnecessary.) I wish I could remember the links to these sites, I'm sure they'd look awfully pathetic! I feel like this time, I may have it. Not only because I'm older and wiser (ha!), but because I'm taking all of my interests and combining them into one blog. I chose the name Peace Love Home because I feel that it represents the areas of life that I'm passionate about. 

  • Organizing and maintaining my daily life and tasks
  • Meal planning and nutrition
  • Running and working out

  • Date ideas and general thoughts from a soon to be newlywed 
  • And wedding planning ideas, frustrations, and reflections until then (January 11!)

  • Kitchen, bath, and other home design ideas from a professional remodeling retailer (That's me!)
  • Decorating and organizing ideas and tips
  • Lots of DIY projects!
I hope you stick around for all the bloggy goodness! 

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